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We provide a range of options with varying levels of cover to suit different requirements and budgets.

The core cover has been carefully designed to meet the needs of most businesses with a solid balance of cost and benefit. We try to adopt as flexible an approach to medical insurance, so you get the cover you need at the best possible price. Below, you’ll find details of what our core cover affords you and your employees. There is always the option to add or remove cover options to best meet your requirements. Be sure to contact our friendly team on 0345 467 7192 to discover what’s possible.

What we cover...

Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic

Covered in full.

Radiotherapy / Chemotherapy

Covered in full.

Consultations or Treatment with a Specialist

Covered in full.

Diagnostic Tests

Tests are covered in full for both in-patient and out-patient members. CT, MRI and PET scans for out-patients are covered only at a diagnostic centre.

Psychiatric Treatment

Up to £2000 is payable for psychiatric treatment upon referral to a therapist or related medical specialist.

Treatment for Musculoskeletal Conditions

We will pay out in full for any musculoskeletal conditions of the back, neck, muscles or joints, regardless of whether treated as an in-patient or an out-patient.

Specialists Fees

Covered in full up to the limits set in our specialist fee schedule. Contact our team to find out more about specific limits.

Hospital Charges

Payable in full, including accommodation, meals, nursing costs, theatre fees, drugs and surgical dressing expenses.

pmi Advantages+

Make the most of your policy with PMICover. Check out our offers, discounts and exclusive prize draws for members.

We’re always trying to go the extra mile for our customers. To thank you for your loyalty, you can take advantage of discounts on things like luxury weekend breaks, gym memberships and even family holidays. Contact us today to find out about all our fantastic offers!

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