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‘Aviva’s cancer pledge ensures that they will cover members’ treatment & palliative care as recommended by specialists.

They also care about making things easy following your employee’s treatment. To do so, they offer extensive aftercare including consultations with a dietician as well as monetary contributions towards prosthetics and wigs. Members are fully covered when using a specialist within the fee guidelines at a hospital on your chosen list. Below, you’ll find more details about what specific treatments they provide. Please note that we’re not able to cover pre-existing medical conditions.

What we cover...

Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy

Radiotherapy is the use of high-energy rays to attack cancer cells, whereas chemotherapy does so through use of drugs. There are no limits on these treatments (however, hormone therapy is only covered to shrink a tumour).

Targeted Drug Therapies

Targeted therapies are drugs which are designed to target specific cells, preventing the growth and spread of cancer. There are no limits on clinically approved and licensed drugs.

Side Effects & Sickness Drugs

Many cancer-treating drugs cause nausea and other side effects. We will cover any use of drugs to combat sickness during cancer treatment.

Bone-Strengthening & Bone Scans

Bone-strengthening drugs (such as bisphosphonates) help keep bones strong during cancer treatments, while bone scans are used to check for changes the bones’ structure. There are no limits on these drugs or scans.

Stem Cell & Bone Marrow Transplants

Stem cells generate new tissue within the body. Some cancers can be treated by replacing these stem cells collected from the blood or bone marrow. However, insurers will pay in full if there is enough medical information to support their use.

Experimental Treatment

Treatment is classed as experimental when there is little or no evidence that it benefits the patient. In these cases, we cover the equivalent cost of the established treatment in this country. We do not consider many treatments experimental. However, we’ll pay in full in there in enough medical information to support their use.

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